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...when everything you might have tried has failed.


By the time people contact us, they usually feel they have tried everything else – and sometimes have spent years doing other treatments with little to no results. Upper Cervical is unique and specialized, unlike any other back care or chiropractic treatment available. We believe LESS IS MORE. Believe it or not, we want to adjust you as few times a possible. That’s right, fewer adjustments! We hope when you visit us, you will not need an adjustment. It’s holding your adjustment that is when the healing processes occur, and not the adjustment itself.

Upper Cervical care addresses the true source of the problem, irritation on the very area that controls and regulates all the other organ systems. This is where a lot of autoimmune dysfunction begins.

Upper Cervical is different because it is:

Gentle: Some patients are amazed at how gently the adjustments are performed. No twisting, popping or cracking.

Natural: No harmful drugs or painkillers are involved.

Researched studies: Correcting the body imbalance using upper cervical chiropractic care has been proven to relax muscles, increase oxygen and blood circulation, lower blood pressure and enhance the immune system to allow the body to immediately begin its natural self-healing process.

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