How We're Different

Union Square San Francisco Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Lawlor

Identifying the need for care is first. After taking a history, we will run a series of chiropractic neurologic and orthopedic tests that help us determine if you are in fact in the right office. We’ll determine then if the issue is a result of irritation to nervous system affecting the body systemically and if Blair Chiropractic may be the answer.

Specialized Blair Upper Cervical Imaging

Precision detailed upper cervical imaging is the hallmark of the Blair Upper Cervical Technique. The Blair doctor will be able to view joint angles unique to each person to ascertain the direction your atlas has misaligned, thereby allowing the doctor to make a precise neck correction with holding value.

Heat Reading Instrument

All Blair upper cervical offices use heat reading instruments. This heat scan of the neck area is one of the objective tests that are utilized by an Upper Cervical Blair doctor to determine whether you need an adjustment or not.

Leg Check

These are objective tests that help the doctor determine two things. If you need an adjustment or not and at what vertebral level the adjustment needs to be made. The leg checks are used in conjunction with the heat scan, allowing the doctor to know when a Blair Upper Cervical Adjustment is needed.

The Blair Adjustment on a Side Posture Table

All Blair Upper Cervical adjustments are made on a side posture table (named because the patient lies on their side). This table is low to the ground and allows the doctor to have a biomechanical advantage in making these PRECISE corrections. The adjustment is quick and gentle. The neck is never twisted or manipulated. Following an adjustment, most patients don’t even realize an adjustment has just taken place.

Post-Adjustment Resting Area

After a specific Blair Upper Cervical correction the patient rests in a quiet room for 10-20 minutes. The rest allows the body to regain control of the position of the corrected vertebra. This is ESSENTIAL to help maintain the upper cervical correction.