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The toggle adjustment is a variant on toggle-recoil, as originally taught at Palmer College when they were seeing the miraculous and amazing results over 50 years ago.

Blair practitioners use the Blair Toggle-Torque (TT) adjustment approach, which was developed from B.J. Palmer’s toggle-recoil technique. Blair TT uses toggle without recoil but incorporates a 180-degree torque (helical twist) force. Theoretically, “torque” is used to decrease the superior or inferior aspect of the misalignment. Note though that this is not torque, per se, as in a twisting or rotating motion about a central point. The torque may provide extra leverage via a recto-linear force on the transverse process of the atlas.

The patient is placed in side posture with his or her head on a drop headpiece. The Blair TT then is delivered by using the “pisiform lead” where the practitioner’s pisiform bone (in the hand, next to the triquetrum and ulna bones) remains in firm contact with the vertebral contact point throughout the adjustment, and torque is added resulting in a helical pathway. The adjuster can alter his or her approach depending upon same side or other side of the head, superior or inferior, anterior or posterior. In some cases where no torque is required, the adjuster would recoil his or her hands from the thrust.

Those who have experienced this type of adjustment will testify that apart from a startle due to the collapse of the headpiece, the force applied by a master of this adjustment is very tolerable, moderately gentle and quite effective. Like the majority of upper cervical techniques more time is spent on analysing spinographs and other indicators than actually adjusting.

There is no popping, crunching, twisting, cracking, pulling, jerking or radical gross manipulation movements. This is a subtle, gentle and precise adjustment that allows the head, neck and body to return to their proper positions and restore balance to the nervous system.

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